A glance at the global food trends affecting the consumer market

A glance at the global food trends affecting the consumer market

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Do you see yourself a food lover? Continue reading for the main trends which are changing specifically people eat

Technology has played significant role in changing ordinary people’s dietary habits. A quick browse online can provide a number of exciting and exotic dishes. There are different apps to review the most recent restaurant or uncover the nearest takeout. The chairman of the company with shares in Uber Eats no doubt understands how easy it is to order meals online. If you favor homemade meals, there are numerous online courses to get you cooking like a pro chef in no time. The internet has made cooking much simpler and accessible in households around the world. Studies have demonstrated that more people than ever before are seeking sustainable and locally sourced goods. Food like kale and harissa have increased in popularity. Prominent social media platforms have given rise to a lot of viral food trends that might have been better left unexplored. Pancake cereal and pizza cereal are two unorthodox creations that have become unexpected overnight sensations.

It might not shock you to find out that pizza, ramen and chicken wings are habitually amongst the world’s most food trends prominent search terms. But there is a wide variety of unique and interesting foods that are surging in appeal. Below are a few predicted food trends of 2020 every foodie needs to watch out for. Star fruit has become incredibly fashionable for its tasty flavour and pretty aesthetics. Similarly, food bloggers are interested in dishes including squid ink because of its salty flavoring and high picture quality. Authentic food, like tapas has become increasingly popular, as the head of the fund with stakes in Camino has no doubt seen. Sustainable food are extremely in vogue as environmental understanding continues to increase. Plant-based and vegan foods are just a couple examples of healthy food trends spotted across restaurants and shops. While kale is a veggie that never goes out of style, the ever unpopular brussels sprout has made a surprise resurgence.

The culinary landscape is a place bursting with different flavours, aromas and inventions. It can be difficult to keep up with the newest fads and cravings that everybody is getting enthusiastic about. If you’re in need of a brief refresher, below are some of the leading food and drink fads nowadays. Sustainable and locally sourced foods are more prevalent than ever. People are looking at the current spring food trends that are healthier and eco-friendly. The notion of ‘flexitarian’ food has recently appeared as people are looking to be flexible in their food selections without following specific labels. This does not mean tasty and processed foods are entirely out of style. Within moderation, a delicious dessert and a sophisticated aperitif is a fantastic option, as the head of the fund with stakes in Pernod Ricard no doubt values.

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